As Christmas trees light up, wreaths are placed on the door, and Christmas carols are sung, many of us find ourselves reminiscing about our family, friends, and all those who we’ve shared special moments in time over the course of our life, especially during the holidays.

Truthfully though, while some folks are contemplating the end of another year, they might also give thought to what used to be or what could have been, or even bewildered by just how a previous relationship went side-ways. Yes, perhaps you or someone you know may feel somewhat sad, mad, or disappointed regarding how a connection with another turned out. Commonly, this might cause feelings of being a bit stuck, confused, perhaps even regretful. And, certainly, some people do feel quite lonely if not abandoned. Yes, unfortunately, loneliness is said to have reached epic proportions in today’s modern world.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any measure of Holiday Blues…

What would it take or what would it be like to reach out, with courage, compassion, and with a more open heart, and actually let someone know just how much you really do care or how much you miss him or her? Over the last 16 years, I have helped tons of people who’ve experienced all sorts of relational challenges with a significant other, (whether it be with a partner, ex-spouse, child, sibling, parent, friend, etc.), to move passed some of the pain, heal and re-connect in a new, more positive way. My newest book ( SHOW book and link to Amazon and my website) – is a compilation of heartfelt, touching true stories of just how even the most difficult or precarious situations were reconciled or strengthened with others through my signature process, “Inspired Heart” letters. Let me share the magic of words, help you to approach and express your true heart in a most compelling way. Let me show you how the right words can truly set you free!

So who doesn’t just love receiving a real Christmas Card in the mail? Even though so many of us resort to online greeting cards, text messaging with colorful emoji’s and such …
There is truly something so very special when we receive an actual card with a letter or note. It is personal, it is thoughtful, and … it’s a treasured gift!


With Love, Kris (Kringle) —- HO HO HO — Well, not exactly…

Kristine Grant